Wednesday, July 08, 2009


A neighbor sent me this limerick (well, he lives 4 miles down the road, but in Vermont, that's a neighbor)

There once was a guy named Chris
Who lived in a state of bliss
But wouldn’t stay mute,
If you called birds cute
So watch what you say about this.



Phillip Dews said...

At Least he Didn't call you a Twitcher! I got a real problem when people call me a twitcher! I am a Birder I tell them! Cute Post Chris! Be Well and Happy Spotting!

Phillip Dews

Rene said...

There once was a man from Nantucket... oh. Wrong limerick. Yours is a good one though. :)

Do you ever watch America's Test Kitchen on PBS? It's a cooking show, and the host, Chris Kimball, lives in Vermont. He talks, and writes, a lot about his neighbors and "yard" (more like forest). Your neighbor comment reminded me of him. You guys make me want to visit Vermont.

Chris Petrak said...

But Phil - "twitch" is descriptive of what happens, physiologically, when a person goes chasing after a rare bird. And an ex-pat Brit neighbor can get that way when he hasn't been out birding for a while.
"Twitching" is much more colorful than "chasing," which is what we do this side of the pond.

And Rene, I don't know Chris Kimball, but I have subscribed to Cook"s Magazine off and on, and my daughter follows him closely. Definitely visit Vermont (our economy depends upon tourists). We've been here 12 years and love it. Small state - wander off to a corner to do birding, and you are likely to meet someone you know. And in Vermont, people unabashedly called themselves liberal even back when the right wing thought they would create a permanent majority - they always were delusional!

Wilma said...

love the limerick from your friend.

BTW - Belize is not much bigger than Vermont and eveytime you turn around you meet someone who knows someone you know. It doesn't take long to make an entire functional network. Thanks for leaving a comment on my Belize blog.

Dawn Fine said...

LOl..Very Cute! tee hee..


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