Thursday, August 25, 2011


One of the things I enjoy about late summer is seeing the young birds learning how to be independent. Here are a few recent encounters.

This fledgling Northern Cardinal had only been on its own for a few days when he visited the platform. It is probably a second brood youngster. The parents are probably back on the nest, and in mid-September, new youngsters will be coming around.

Northern Cardinal
Movement through the willow tree caught my attention, and then briefly I had a few glimpses of recently fledged American Redstarts chasing their parents. Even with difficult lighting, lots of foliage, and constant movement, a few passable photos were possible.

American Redstart
Again this year the Evening Grosbeaks have been nesting in the neighborhood, raising multiple broods. This one had been on its own for a while and was faring quite well.

Evening Grosbeak
The Eastern Towhee had just left the nest and was waiting impatiently for a parent to bring food.

Eastern Towhee
This is a "just because" photo. In early August, the resident male Ruby-throated Hummingbird was still vigorously defending his flowers and feeders. Now he has just about given up, or perhaps moved on, leaving the territory to the young birds and the females. But he'll be back next Spring, with a pugnacious attitude that gram for gram significantly outweighs anything else in the neighborhood.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Good birding!

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A New England Life said...

We seem to have a boat load of juveniles coming to the feeders. Lots of Cardinal babies as well. Unfortunately one of the females has a tumor on top of her deformed beak. Her feet are also red and quite swollen. She seems to be able to eat but somehow I doubt she will survive very long. A sad sight to see : (


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