Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dabbler ID for #3

#11 - Blue-winged Teal, female - dark eye line, spots of white about the eye, white at base of dark beak. For the quiz, she was cropped out of the next photo. It's clear why attention goes to the male - an elegant bird.
Blue-winged Teal, male and female

 #12 - Mallard, female - Yellow beak with black on top, yellow legs, dark eye stripe, overall brown mottled. Blue speculum.
#13 - Northern Shoveler, young male - yellow eye and dark beak suggest a young male, though the plumage looks a lot like that of a female.
#14 - American Black Duck
 #15 American Widgeon, female - Like the teal above, when the female widgeon is in the presence of a male, he takes the attention away from her, as the next photo shows ...
American Widgeon - male and female
Good Birding!


grammie g said...

Hi Interesting quiz...I could have gotten some ,but not all,the Wigeon is one I am not familiar with !!

Laurence Butler said...

Oh Darn! I've been defeated by the Teal. I thought the female had dark/black beaks as well. I couldn't think of another that might have that dark ring at the base of the bill, so I figured Florida Mallard was closest.


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