Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dabbler Quiz #2

Can you identify these dabbling ducks (Genus Anas)? Putting together these exercises is a good exercise for me. I hope they are of some help, or interest, to you.

Dabbler #6

Dabbler #7

Dabbler #8

Dabbler #9

Dabbler #10


Laurence Butler said...

This is a tough one, I'm hoping for a 60%, is that still a passing grade?

6) American Black Duck
7) Blue-Winged Teal
8) Mallard?
9) Florida Mallard/Florida Mottled Duck
10) Northern Shoveler

Dan Huber said...

very tough and sad to say I am going to hit the books again rather than answer - love these though.

Jen Sanford said...

Oh geez... I would agree with the Laurence & Maria, except #10 looks like a Cinnamon Teal to me. Though I have mixed up Cinnamons and shovelers before...

Laurence Butler said...

***AAAH Jen just made me re-read my answer. I totally typo'd. Number 10 is a Northern Pintail. That blue and black bill is diagnostic. I'm Been dealing with shovelers a lot lately and now I stick it in front of anything 'northern'.


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