Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dabbler ID for #2

 #6 - American Black Duck - probably a female with her dirty green beak. Dark eyeline, head  and body dark - a female Mallard in gothic dress
 #7 - Blue-winged Teal - the give-away head of this preening male is hidden, as is the dark bill, but the blue wing should be all the clue that is needed. Note yellow legs.
#8 - Gadwall, female - She has an orange bill with dark on top, barely a suggestion of an eyeline, a hint of the white speculum, a generally plain brown head and body, and a sweet look.
 #9 - Mottled Duck - prominent eyeline like a female Mallard, but a much lighter, gray head, no black on top of bill. The close relationship to Mallard and black duck is evident in this Florida and southern species.
#10 - Northern Pintail, female - no sinuous neck on this hen, but the rather uniform brown head is the clue to her identity, plus mottled body and dark beak.
Gadwall hen being attended to by two drakes

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