Friday, December 16, 2011

Dabbler Quiz #1

Most dabbler duck males (also known as the puddle ducks - Genus Anas) are handsome, elegant, and unmistakable. The female - not so much so. They are plain and drab. They carry the incubation responsibility and most of the shepherding of the young responsibility, so being inconspicuous is a distinct advantage for their survival and that of their young.

To say that the hens are confusing is to state the obvious. As I searched my photo files, I found several that were in the wrong species file - misfiled either in haste, inattention, or (I am embarrassed to suggest) mis-identification.

Most of the photos in these quizzes (this is the first of several) will be of hens. For a few species, the males and females are all but indistinguishable. Respond if you would like. I learn by doing this; I hope you do too.

And of course, on the answer post - if you think I have gotten an ID wrong, please let me know. Good Dabbling!

Dabbler ID #1
Dabbler ID #2

Dabbler ID #3

Dabbler ID #4

Dabbler ID #5


Laurence Butler said...

Hey Chris. Fun quiz, and tricky too. Here's my best guesses:

1) Northern Pintail
2) American Wigeon
3) Green-Winged Teal
4) Mallard
5) Northern Shoveler

Dan Huber said...

nice quiz - very tricky but a good exercise to learn.



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