Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Burrowing Owl & Shrike

Time for a brief respite from the wetlands. On our way south from Wakodahatchee and Green Cay, we stopped in the Fort Lauderdale area for a brief visit to Brian Piccolo Park. This is 180 acre recreational park with picnic areas, ball field, tennis courts, and more.

It is also home Burrowing Owls. The burrows are marked with stakes and ropes. We found six or seven by driving around slowly. A pair were perched by the entrance to one burrow. In a couple of others, I could see (from a distance, so as not to disturb the birds) owl eyes looking out at me.

Burrowing Owls

I found it remarkable that these birds could coexist with people and their recreational activities, but apparently they manage.

The park also provided the opportunity to carefully observe a pair of Loggerhead Shrikes as they went about their pre-nuptial activities. He brought insects to her as a demonstration of his ability to provide for her offspring - and hopefully his offspring as well.

Loggerhead Shrike
Loggerhead Shrike
Good Birding !!

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