Monday, March 16, 2015

Three Herons

Tricolored Heron

In the wetlands and coastal areas where I occasionally have opportunity to bird, encounters with Tricolored Heron and Little Blue Heron are uncommon. So it was a particular treat to have multiple up-close meetings with both of these beautiful little birds ...

 ... and yes, at about 2' in height, when you get up-close with these birds you realize that they have lots of legs and neck, and not a lot of body and bulk.

As aside, I'm not sure why the Tricolored Heron was renamed a few years ago, but I much prefer the old name, Louisiana Heron. Giving the bird to a state is undoubtedly filled with historical and geographical inaccuracies, but "Louisiana Heron" has so much more poetry, rhythm, and pleasure for the ear.

Little Blue Heron

The Tricolored Herons were in nuptial attire. Note the blue beak which gets both sexes red hot to trot. I was busy taking photos, so I'm not sure if this pair mated, or whether he just mounted her back in a kind of heron foreplay ...

Tricolored Herons
These herons disguise themselves with their "curled" neck ...

Tricolored Heron

Little Blue Heron

 ... but watch out! They will reach out and grab you in a flash !!

Tricolored Heron - Strike!

Tricolored Heron - hors d'oeuvre !
And finally, 2 immature herons, the Little Blue Heron which is not blue at all, and a Yellow-crowned Night Heron (another with which I have only rare encounters in the Northeast.

Little Blue Heron - immature

Yellow-crowned Night Heron - immature
Good Birding!!

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Wilma said...

Always a treat to see heron photos. And especially the tricolors in breeding colors. Terrific shots.


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