Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wood Stork

In the wetlands of Wakodahatchee and Green Cay (and to a lesser extent in the Everglades) Wood Storks were almost common, in spite of their endangered status.

For me, the Wood Stork represents birding in Florida, though on my few trips I have not always had the good observational opportunities which I had late last month.

The Wood Stork feeds by touch. Slowly walking forward, it sweeps its bill back and forth. When it touches its prey, the bill snaps shut with a 25 millisecond reflex, the fastest reflex known for vertebrae species.

One more of this prehistoric looking bird in flight  ...

... well, okay, two more. It looks awkward coming in to land, but manages quite adeptly.

Good Birding!

1 comment:

FAB said...

It may not be the prettiest creature but I have fond memories of my first sightings in Florida many years ago.

Excellent series of images Chris.


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