Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Arrivals

Indigo Bunting made his first appearance this morning.

I saw the White-crowned Sparrow along the Connecticut River yesterday. Today one stopped by for some free seed.

Becoming rather common in the Connecticut River Valley, the Red-breasted Woodpecker is beginning to expand into the out-lying areas of Windham County. This handsome male spent most of the day visiting the feeder; other times he was "singing" in the trees.

Mustn't forget the Evening Grosbeaks busy with their pairing up.

And a follow-up on the Baltimore Orioles. Females are beginning to appear and the males are giving more and more time to singing and less time to feeding on the oranges. They flit around, but I haven't seen them lingering today as they did the previous several days.

Good Birding!!

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Anonymous said...

I saw an Indigo Bunting Bird at our feeder this morning for the first time. He was beautiful royal blue and dark beak. He seemed to be comfortable with the Yellow Finches. I live in East Tennessee and watch the birds all winter at our feeders.
They are very interesting and are not afraid of us while they are eating on our deck.


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