Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nesting Report Update

Right after posting the nesting report, I joined favorite companion on the chairs by the river with a glass of vino. She heard squawking coming downstream and we watched (for about 10 seconds) as momma merganser quickly led her brood past us.

... and my apologies to the resident Northern Cardinals for omitting them from the nesting report. Young from the first brood are around the feeders.


Shelley said...

Lovely to see these merganser speckled babies! Beautiful photo!

Kelly said...

Wow! What a sight.... I would love to see mama merganser and her brood. Those chicks are adorable...love the coloring...birdy camouflage!

Chris said...

Hi Chris,
Excellent shot of a very cute family. Well done my friend

Larry said...

It's nice to see the momma Mergaser with the little ones.I see the mergamsers here in CT during the winter but don't normally see them other times of the year.-Nice shots.

Kim said...

Love the baby mergs! I miss them so much and can't wait to see them venture back down here. You are so fortunate to be able to see that. So cute!

Tina said...

How cute are these babies! Wonderful shot, Chris!! ;-)


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