Thursday, December 30, 2010

LBJs - Who Am I? - Exercise #7

Little Brown Jobs gradually become less mysterious and confusing as one becomes more familiar. Then a new one appears. The possibilities are narrowed with the familiar ones eliminated. Habitat may give clues, as may range. Size and shape are examined. Finally a new bird is identified
LBJ #31
LBJ #32
LBJ #33
LBJ #34
LBJ #35
Good birding!


Noushka said...

Sorry Chris!!! I can't help you!!!
You'll have to guess yourself!!!!
Ok it's not funny! I love to tease!
Your pics are great and you manage so many types of birds... a real wonder!
Enjoy New Year's Eve!!

Hilke Breder said...

Nice series, easy except for the last one:
31: Immature American Tree Sparrow
32: Field Sparrow - it's been ages since I saw one of those
33: Fox Sparrow
34: Female Purple Finch
35: Savannah Sparrow? No, bill is too large. So out comes my guide, comparing photos, and the habitat gives a clue: Seaside Sparrow.


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