Thursday, July 21, 2011

Western Birds II

My recent travels in the West did not bring any rarities, but it is always a treat to see birds that I do not normally see.

The Mountain Bluebird was common in many places, from the plains to high mountain passes. The blue of the male is almost surreal ...

Mountain Bluebird

The Spotted Towhee singing on a tree top in the Badlands was yet another treat. The spots on its wings are just visible ...

Spotted Towhee

The Violet-Green Swallow in the west are as common as the Tree Swallow in my neighborhoods. A gorgeous little bird, it seldom alights, and even more rarely gives a photo opportunity ...

Violet-Green Swallow

The Western Kingbird has a personality like that of the Eastern Kingbird. In the Nebraska sandhills, both were present, both were flycatching, and both were exhibiting the pugnacity characteristic of the kingbirds ...

Western Kingbird
Good birding!

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Laurence Butler said...

Here here about the Swallows. I've never been able to get any sort of results with swallow photography. This has been a great series though with excellent photos and context.
Thanks for sharing


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