Thursday, July 28, 2011

Western Birds IV

On an evening drive up Signal Mountain in Grand Tetons NP, along the side the road, this Dusky Grouse (formerly Blue Grouse) was feeding. Even when I got out of the car and slowly approached, it was unconcerned about my presence. In a world inhabited by goshawk, eagle, fox, and coyote (among other dangers), I did wonder how this seemly oblivious bird could survive ...

Dusky Grouse
Dusky Grouse
The grouse's ignorance of potential danger was a sharp contrast to the exceptional and very convincing performance put on by this "Killdeer" (at the Bowring Sandhills Ranch in Nebraska) - a superb broken wing act!

Also in the Nebraska sandhills, wetlands lined one of the highways. Just getting out of the car to scan the muddy edges and deeper water sent the avocets into something of a tizzy. Several took turns flying wide circles around us and voicing their displeasure at our intrusion. Just keep going! ...

American Avocet


Linda Lunna and Sally Wickham said...

I am amazed by your photographs. You seem to be blessed with some fortunate bird sightings. It is almost as if the birds know that they are going to be shown to the world. Really enjoy your work in VT and the world:}>

Matteo Grilli said...

Beautiful shots!

Hilke Breder said...

Great shots, particularly the Killdeer feigning an injury. Maybe the grouse wasn't concerned because you are human and therefore no threat because no hunting in a national park.

FAB said...

Hi Chris. Just catching up with your 'Western' posts and very much enjoyed viewing a few more new species for my eyes. Particularly liked the Lark Sparrow. Cheers FAB.


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