Monday, July 25, 2011

Western Birds III - Raptors

My western travels yielded several raptors. Among those which also provided photo ops, three were particular treats.

In a large prairie dog colony in Badlands NP, I had several opportunities to watch this Burrowing Owl. It uses old burrows for its nest. As I took a few steps closer, it flew a short distance, and then disappeared into a burrow. It popped back into view and posed ,,,

Burrowing Owl

Also in Badlands NP, I stopped to look at a hawk perched on a fence post. For a change, the aging mental computer quickly listed and eliminated possibilities, leaving only a hawk with which I am not terribly familiar. I announced to the car, "Ferruginous Hawk."

Ferruginous Hawk

In the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Yellowstone NP, I had the treat of looking down on an Osprey nest built atop a rocky pinnacle. Though safe from most predators, the parent kept a vigilant watch over the 3 young chicks ...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Love the pics in this post, especially the Osprey nest!


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