Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last year, Pine Siskins were in the backyard on September 1. Yesterday, October 18, I had my first siskin, although I have been hearing reports from others of siskin presence. Good to have them back.

Only the occasional White-crowned Sparrow has joined the Song & White-throats. Here is Saturday's juvenile.

Also on Saturday, I had my first adult White-crowned, enjoying the largess of my sunflowers. Unusual to see one on the sunflower feeder, although they have often used the platform in the past.

When people ask me why they don't have birds at their feeder, I tell them to look in the woods and fields. Everything that bears fruit seems to have had a banner year. It's much safer for the birds to feed in thickets than at feeders. On the other hand, I do have a certain nostalgia for '05 when there were a couple of hundred sparrows in the backyard throughout October. but I hasten to add, that I do not have a nostalgia for the bird seed bill from that year.

Just have to include a Blue Jay; I love their "expressions," the sense of intelligence which they convey, their feistiness and ... well, everything. One of my favorite birds.

Good Birding!

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troutbirder said...

We just returned from a "leaf peeping" tour with 2 days in Stowe. Am enjoying looking at your blog to see some of what we missed.


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