Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tufted Titmouse

Late afternoon Wednesday this Tufted Titmouse visited the feeder. Lack of typical titmouse activity suggested a young bird. Buzz cut crest suggested a molting bird. Behavior reminded me of the ill siskins this spring which would stay quietly on the feeders, taking a seed once in a while.

This titmouse knew how to handle the sunflower seeds, but behavior was different - so I conclude either young, or ill. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Looks like he's molting. Blow up the picture and look about the face and head. It takes a lot of energy to re-tool.

Kelly said...

...I hope he's a young bird or just molting. I enlarged the first photo (stunning, btw, the detail is so crisp), I could still see the feather sheaths on his head and fluffy new feathers around his face...beautiful. You'll have to keep us posted on the feeder activity.

Love the photos in the previous post. The Cooper's in flight is beautiful. Our Dark-eyed Juncos have not yet made it down from the north. We are watching every day for them. It's usually late October before they show for us.

Chris said...

Hi Chris,
I hope he is molting too but it does look very tired indeed. We will see what happen next I guess. keep an eye on it.

Tina said...

Sadly to say he doesn't look too good..I also hope he is just molting..I hate to see them just sit there and stare..good he is eating tho..maybe that is a good sign. Hope so!

Shelley said...

Like the others - I hope this poor thing is just molting. They are such cheery little things!

Anonymous said...

Strange event-- a titmouse just flew to the porch I was sitting on, spread its wings, lay down on its front, and looked up at me! For a good 8-10 seconds! When I asked aloud if it was ok, it flew off. What was it doing? I don't usually have a feeder out although I have had one a couple years ago. Is it mating behavior? Asking for food? It didn't seem an aggressive move at all but I don't know much about their behavior. Anyone have an idea?


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