Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hummingbird Moth & Hummingbird Tales

A Hummingbird Moth visited the bee-balm recently.

The resident male Ruby-throat is still guarding his territory and chasing off intruders, but it is a constant effort, in spite of his vigilance ...

... as evidenced by this female (probably a female - maybe a juvenile).

There are more young Evening Grosbeaks around, either from a later breeding pair, or a second brood. Yesterday they were chasing Dad all over the yard.

The young Purple Finches have gotten the idea that they have to feed themselves, but are wary of people presence and the presence of other birds.


Anonymous said...

Great photos.
Found your blog while googling "plovers", and read your column on them. I live in Hawaii and spotted my first returning plover on Mon., Aug. 5. In the early evening, I saw several circling, high up in the sky, getting ready to land in their regular spots. It's great to have them back.

Chris Petrak said...

Thanks for the comments - loved seeing the plovers in Hawaii and wish I had more time to pursue some of your great birds.

Chris Petrak said...
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aulaitcru said...

Those hummingbird hawk moths are really cool.


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