Monday, September 28, 2009

Philadelphia Weekend

Last week (19 & 20) we did an extended weekend in Philadelphia to celebrate the beginning of our decades long honeymoon.For people living in a small Vermont village, a big city get-away may seem an odd choice. But our kids wanted a part of the weekend, so Philly it was.

We stayed at a charming (and affordable) boutique hotel in the old Washington Square neighborhood.

I grew up in a big city (Detroit), but for me the charm and excitement of city life faded away long ago. However, the weather was absolutely superb, and people were every where enjoying life. Nearly every coffee shop, sandwich shop, tavern, and restaurant had tables on the sidewalks and wide open windows, and the streets were full of people enjoying company, food, and beverage.

The streets around our inn were full of history and historic old homes, now well cared for.

Much of this part of Philadelphia feels like an old European city, which is not surprising since those cities provided the known models for city planning and city building when much of this Philadelphia neighborhood were being built.

It was especially fun wandering the narrow streets and alleys to and from Independence National Historic Park a few blocks away - like this one, with a street barely wide enough for a car ...

Photography of architecture, history, or cityscape takes a different kind of camera eye from bird photography. These photos are of the tourist variety. For the next seveal weeks, I will do a Monday post with a few attempts at seeing the city and the history from angles other than the tourist angle. In advance, thanks for feedback.


FAB said...

Chris. My only memories of Philly was an overnight stay before going south to Cape May some years ago so I will wait with interest to see it thro' your lens. FAB.

Tina said...

Great shots of Philly, you managed to capture how we all want to see Philadelphia. I love those ole streets and red brick buildings..we live only 30 minutes from Philly but hardly ever go there..isn't that always the way!!
Glad you had a fun and safe stay!!

Hilke Breder said...

I have never been to Philly. It looks like pedestrian friendly city with little traffic, at least in the part where you are staying. Nice photos, too. Looking forward to more.


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