Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LBJs - IDs for Exercises 9 & 10

If you are following these LBJ posts, I hope they are getting easier for you. Exercise 9 was posted last Thursday. Exercise 10 was posted Sunday.

#41 - American Tree Sparrow - similar to juvenile White-crowned and juvenile Chipping. Note warm wash on sides, sometimes a breast spot. Study the bird guides for differences in size and shape
#42 - Chipping Sparrow
#43 - Indigo Bunting, female - Note traces of blue on the wings, finch-like beak
#44 - House Finch, female
#45 - Swamp Sparrow
#46 - Rose-breasted Grosbeak, female
#47 - Savannah Sparrow
#48 - Song Sparrow
#49 - Song Sparrow - See! You don't need to see the breast spot to ID this sparrow.
#50 - Pine Siskin

Good Birding!!


biobabbler said...

Wow. These make my head hurt and my birding inadequacy flares up, tho' this is the first time I've found your blog. Perhaps I need to get into your archives and start at the start and spend a few quality minutes a day, field guide in hand, and work on these. If I could get these? HUGE huge step forward. We'll see. Anyhow, THANKS for this opportunity!

Andy said...

The not so common sparrows ID's I use the "Sparrows of the United States and Canada by Beadle & Rising.

Nice posts BTY.


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