Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visual Respite from Winter

I will not complain about winter. Here in Vermont, we are used to it. I feel for the folks living in cities and suburbs along the coast, and those in the south and other places unaccustomed to snow. With lots of streets where do they put the snow? We've got room to plow it to the side and snowblow it across the lawn. We clear things up and go about our business.

That being said, after weeks of winter, I begin to crave color. Out my study window, sun sparkles off bright white snow. The bare branches and trunks of trees are brown and gray. The afternoon shadows are deep, but the sky is hazy and what blue can be seen is muted. The only color is on the dirty green mail box.

I need a visual respite from winter. Maybe you do too. I returned photographically to last year's late winter trip to Trinidad, enjoying the color of the birds, the green of the jungle, and something nearby in bloom.

I hope a few of these photos from time to time will provide a small visual respite from winter.

Bare-eyed Thrush
Purple Honeycreeper, female


Wilma said...

Thanks for the birght colorful birds, Chris. As I look out my window in the den, the only colors I see (besides the white, endless snow ...) is a green birdfeeder and a red birdfeeder. Oh, but wait, here comes the male red-bellied woodpecker, he adds some much needed color! He's the only bird there at the moment. I am heading back to Belize in mid-Feb. That ought to help with the winter blues. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember looking for the slightest hint of color this time of year in Vermont. This year, we have had over 60" of snow on Cape Ann.

FAB said...

Same problem here Chris although the snow (hopefully) is long gone so a pleasure to view some colour from Trinidad.

Folkways Note Book said...

Chris -- Great respite -- barbara

Queen Goob said...

Wonderful to see you - look forward to reading more as I sit on the porch this balmy evening here in Florida.

Much love to you both!
Marnie Flanigan

Dawn Fine said...

Nice tropical Birdies...We are in Florida now and soaking up the warmth.
Stay warm up there!

Hilke Breder said...

Nice jolt of color and just what I need!!


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