Tuesday, January 04, 2011

LBJs - IDs for #7 & 8

#31 - American Tree Sparrow
 #32 - Field Sparrow
 #33 - Fox Sparrow
 #34 - Purple Finch, female
#35 - Seaside Sparrow -a large and awkwardly shaped sparrow found in the coastal salt marshes. Habitat is one of the best "field marks." Drab, with just a hint of yellowish lores. Big bill and a tail that looks like it has been clipped off with scissors, if you manage to get any kind of a look at it.
#36 - White-crowned Sparrow - an adult in molt. Note the absence of a tail.
#37 -White-throated Sparrow (oops - I did not catch the typo until after this was posted, but this is truly a White-throated, not a White-Crowned)
#38 - Seaside Sparrow - singing male, if you can call his buzzy hissing a song.
#39 -White-crowned Sparrow, juvenile
#40 - Lincoln's Sparrow


Chris said...

It is almost like having a bird guide ;-) Cool and thank Chris... The pictures are very nice...

Hilke Breder said...

Great series, loved the quiz. I got most of them, except the Lincoln Sparrow - that's the reason I held off on an answer.


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